Cities: Skylines II – Straightforward Guide to Performances

How to Increase Your FPS

Hey, just a couple of tips about performances:

  • Temporal antialiasing is the best for performances & look. FXAA suck, MSAA is poor in unity. TAA is nice.
  • Disable all of those volumetrics.
  • Raytracing isn’t seemingly related to any GI method but more SDF cloud shading methods, with 2×64 rays per pixels. Turn that down to 8.
  • You can disable the denoiser – I assume it’s using the temporal buffer to denoise sdf shaders for clouds, who CARES.
  • Disable depth of field, it’s a costly post process.
  • If your performances hit hard on big cities, consider reducing the amount of landscape plots to 2.

Game is nice, unity sucks, and rare are games explaining precisely what settings are actually doing and their potential caveats.

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