Cities: Skylines II – Useful Tips and Tricks

Try working on the following if you haven’t already. It has worked wonders for my city.

Tips and Tricks

  • Transfer as much car traffic as possible towards train and subway stations.
  • Create overpass/underpass pedestrian paths to clear up intersection crosswalks.
  • Connect subway stations from different lines together using underground pedestrian pathways (-6.25m).
  • Plop “parking islands” with dedicated entrances/exits across your city. Make sure cims have access to public transport from there.
  • Make sure your bus stations can only be accessed by busses using dedicated routes. Do not plot them on a main street.
  • Rework your highway network routes to prioritize truck traffic, which cannot use public transport.
  • Send dedicated routes to ports and train stations to remove congestion from your main traffic network.

I’m running at 3-4sec/minute using these tips. Current pop is 1,095,300. I was hovering around 8-10 seconds/minute back at 700,000 pop before doing these changes.

I hope this helps and good luck with your city!

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