X4: Foundations – How to Defend L Miners

Tips to Defend L Miners

First, use teleportation (researched at PHQ), so you don’t “actually fly my butt over”.

Second, L miners have high shields, so I would tell them to ignore (or escape). They don’t die easily (if at all) but, and huge BUT, they cannot really fight (by AI standards). Why waste time with a fight by using miners?

If you really want to counter pirates:

  1. Use a corvette or frigate to escort.
  2. When pirates tries to seize cargo – L miner ignores or escape (and therefore will keep on mining/selling).
  3. Your corvette/frigate escort is now useful. Either AI or you (by teleportation) can engage the pirate and begin the fight.

Details about escort

It doesnt even need to be corvettes. I use my “kitchen sink” for that. Fighters that turned out to be not exactly what i want. But instead of selling- just let them guard a miner or trader.

Set them to intercept.

Now every time your Miner/Harvester skims through the system they will swipe the area clean. That way you dont even need an escort for every ship. One that somehow travels through the area is enough. And in doubt send that escort over to the pestered harvester.

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