SpaceBourne 2 – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

  • You can do Ctrl+H to auto jump stargates (super helpful) also to dock at places)).
  • Also never realized up down left right arrows on keyboard adjust shield speed and turrets.
  • My fav by far is doing merc contracts for hacking or destyroying a city/ killing someon: just start it and run away like 300km or w/e and just wait for hack to finish or just snipe everyone.
  • F6 is nice autosave.
  • When lvling up the character (adventurer tab) more experience perk is the best thing to get first.
  • You can upgrade your ship teir and lvl (add 2 mod) at any faction hanger/hub (ring lookin structure) also seems tier 4 is the max)).
  • Idk if just me but I doubt it, ill norm jump somewere and I cant move or do anything, found if I press m for the map and go back it fixes it.
  • If you go to map and probes catcher is used for finding bountys or missions or the lil game to find lost places (useless except to get exp for one of the guilds (explorers guild).
  • Some larger ships can only dock at some blue outposts.
  • If you merge crates sometimes they will just vanish, if you change the signal to nearby ships and back to the crate section it reappears.
  • Some reason when your doing a bounty whenever you port to the system, the bounty is always on your left.
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