Baldur’s Gate 3 – Elevator Issue at the Shar Temple

If You Stuck at the Shar Temple

Here’s how I solved it.

The elevator wasn’t there for me. I had a singular traversal gem, and what I thought was 3 Umbra Orbs (really I had 5!), and the altar with two interactables.

At the nearby waygate, I dropped the three orbs I had and a fourth one in another character’s inventory on the ground. Only three showed on the ground.

I went to interact with the altar and got the prompts to talk to Shadowheart and leave examine the altar.

I went to click the traversal gem and nothing happened. Again, the elevator isn’t even there. There is no right gem like people are claiming.

On my way back toward the altar I interacted with it again and got the insert prompt I was looking for. I exited out and went to go pick up the orbs, but only three showed on the ground. I picked those three up.

I inserted one into the altar and I called the elevator over with the SINGLE TRAVERSAL gem I had an option to see. The altar now visibly showed two gems in it. I checked my inventory and I had three orbs. Two in my inventory and one in Shadowheart’s. I know, if you’re following my directions there should only be two orbs here, but I had three in my inventory anyways, hence the bug.

I was then able to use the right traversal button everyone is mentioning and finish the puzzle.

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