Night of the Dead – Advice for Hunting Uniques

Hunting Uniques Tips

One tip would be increasing the world zombie amount to max.

By my experience it add to the chance of mobs dropping unique.

Also the day progress might be one of the factors on the quality/ class of unique you can get.

As for the newest update. I started farming the 1st to the 3rd boss for days on day 5 of our game. With atleast 200% drop and sometimes 290% if i change my weapon before the boss dies, one thing i observed was the 1st boss drop more of his own unique items, compared to the 2nd and 3rd boss.

Considering the 1st boss has 4 unique item of its own. The chances are a bit high. But for the other uniques.

I find the 3rd boss DG gives more unique. if your going on the shortest path to the 3rd boss, youll encounter 6 heavies, and around 45+ soldiers per reset.

1 weapon locker that only respawn armor parts, and 2 lockers that only respawn weapons. The heavies actually gave me more red items compared to that 3rd boss.

Now for the kinds of weapon i did get from that DG was mainly on day 5 was red pickaxe and wood axe and the my 1st knuckle.

  • Day 7-9 was pickaxe, woodaxe, stinger (mostly), 1 bow.
  • Day 10-15 was still the same pickaxe, woodaxe, bow, stinger, 1 spear. And ohh bow the knuckle.
  • And on day 18 me and shadow both got the battle axe. Shadow got it on a normal locker, and i got it on the boss.

I dont want to mislead anymore, and this is only by my experience on the unique.

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