Book of Hours – Stuck at the Beach?

Useful Tips

Make sure to use Consider (the eye button) multiple times, placing your journal (the only item you start with) into it, as well as Elements of the Soul. Consider can be used on just about any “card” in the game (cards from your trays, or items in the house).

Eventually, Talk (Lips) should appear. One of your Elements of the Soul will be suitable for calling for help.

Then, Talk to the man who arrives, and also provide the Address of your friend.

Then, click on the location to unlock the village, and use the “Assistance” card of the man who is now willing to help you.

Always make sure to click on empty slots and read the tooltips of all the icons that appear in the info windows in the upper right. They’ll tell you what’s allowed in slots and a bit more of how things work. Items also have plenty of icons that tell you a bit about how to use with them.

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