Orb of Creation – General Tips

I’m talking game changing realizations that aren’t necessarily immediately obvious. Everybody figures out the importance of concepts or using Dimension upgrades and books to boost maximums. I’m talking big things that once you realize what they are they change things dramatically and you know in future games to chase them asap.

Tips to Big Things

First one for me is the Druidic Generation Innovation. Get your Druidry to 4 and hold onto two ability and a magic advancement to get this as quickly as possible. Getting a steady income of all the forest and garden resources produces frankly insane amounts these resources that normally you have to do annoying micro to keep up. There is an artifact that gives this too and you betcha I recommend stacking them.

Second is the Emblem of Formation spell. The way this spell works is while it is active every time you cast a spell it gives you a splash of spacial resources. This can be two cheap cantrips with almost no cooldown that you alternate. The big thing you get from this is Dimensional Cores. I find this spell to be much better for getting cores than crafting them. Also the unlock requirement for Emblem is very easy.

Amass Power can be confusing as to how it works so I’ll try here though its not quite as impactful as the previous two. You cast Amass and get a buff. Every .5 seconds the buff from Amass gets stronger up to 10 stacks (5 seconds) when it reaches maximum power.

Every spell you begin casting while the Amass buff is active benefits from the power of the Amass buff at the point you start casting it. This means if you start casting a spell and Amass falls off before you finish casting, you still benefit. It also means if you cast a spell immediately after casting Amass you get very little buff for that spell. Amass is an excellent buff that applies to literally every other spell but its especially effective for the channeled spells like the Spark, Water and Alchemy resource generators.

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