Trepang 2 – Rage Mode Tips

Rage mode when you first drop into it feels very punishing, but just playing and learning eventually you will just get good enough, and start developing a “path” through the level.

Tips for Playing Rage Mode

Besides that, heres some things that have helped me (also there might be spoilers).


  • Shotgun with choke & unfolded stock is a meat grinder.
  • Homing grenades is generally just useful.
  • Pistol one shots most cultists on headshot, and does a lot of damage with high accuracy.
  • Rifle is just kinda bad (on like all difficulties).
  • Smg has no accuracy, and shoots confetti, but if you happen to be standing just close enough its really fun to use still.
  • Dmr is not that useful, but good for specific situations.
  • Bolt launcher deletes bosses.
  • Minigun is good on open maps (crash site, unidentified structure) with homing.
  • Grenades: rats, or if you have them vortex and rocket are hilarious (also with enemy spawn location knowledge mines are quite effective, demonstrated in patriarch fight).

Weapon Mods

  • Incendiary is fun, but taking damage from burning corpses is surprisingly harmful, try the choke.
  • Silencers: actually useful for dmrs, rifles, smgs, and pistols, where they arent always outclassed or not useful.
  • Folded stocks: unfold, trust me, its worth it.
  • Sights: dont, this game wasnt made for them.
  • Homing: yes.
  • Red dot: NO, it turns you from a stealthy assassin into a glowing target that says “shoot me” just dont, trust me.

Game Mechanics

  • You get less focus, so you’ll need to start flicking headshots without it.
  • Sliding is the most important movement mechanic, it helps you not take damage, and can knock over enemies.
  • Stealth is incredibly useful whenever possible, and shooting lights with a silenced pistol is quite effective for keeping enemies off you.
  • Ways to abuse maps: hostages on maps where you need to wait to complete an objective can help you stall, or for oil rig, just give you a free win, pandora institute section with 2 big boys has mesh in area before that you can shoot through, but AI’s cant.
  • Cloak is plentiful, and useful for crossing large distances, you’ll learn through practice to use it efficiently and effectively, but it boils down to mostly: use it to grab someone or to dash in the open without being spotted.
  • Focus is your ace in the hole, if things are about to go wrong, or you suspect death is near, pop it and blast everything before quickly leaving focus, or use it to line up a shot then unfocus and fire.
  • If you know where enemies will spawn, in a clump, go ahead and grenade it (useful on elevators in initial escape, and crash site drops), it usually takes out a majority of the squad.


  • EOD suits: explosive tank on their back knocks them down, go in and aim for the face, their helmet isnt very reinforced, or just like 3 homing grenades should do the trick, also they resist shotgun damage so dont use shotguns if you have a viable alternative.
  • HVT: DMR still one shot head shots through helmets, otherwise just treat them like a somewhat extra chonky normal dude, they still die in 1-2 shotgun blasts.
  • Normal dudes: shotgun. theyre squishy and die in silly ways.
  • Shields: slide into them, or take them out before they spot you.
  • Miniguns: if theyre squish, then squish them, if theyre EOD then good luck lmao, grenade them or just prepare to kill everything else, then perform a campaign of hit and run attacks.
  • Bosses: bolt gun (MM is easy to dodge, enforcer is a * imo, but homing grenades delete his armor immediately, flesh golem is an entire bolt gun magazine, and maybe a bit more if you miss accidentally, patty is bolt gun and ignore flesh golem, meth pillar is just yeeting grenades at elevators, for brain boi remember that you have a ton of hp kits in mid, for finale, idfk learn the attack patterns and stuff, incendiary can help you see him, but i still prefer choke my beloved).


  • If you go into a mission with TMod on, and then exit with the dev gun, vortex grenades, rocket grenades, or phys manipulator equipped, but with the cheat off, you can keep them and use them in a “legitimate run” also this unlocks vortex and rocket grenades in the supply caches, which is wonderful, as vortex grenades are probably the most powerful, and rocket grenades are funny.
  • If you’re having trouble you can turn down the difficulty and come back later, once you have gotten a better grasp on the game or once youve gotten a weapon mod or something. its not illegal.
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