X4: Foundations – Boarding Tips

Tips to Boarding

  • Use a M class corvette as a personal ship (Nemesis is very nice for this).
  • Have another ship or two with large crew capacity for marines.
  • Scan target.
  • Personally destroy engines first (keep other ships away).
  • Personally destroy turrets next.
  • After engines and turrets are down, invite other ships to help get shields down.
  • Tell your other ships to get lost.
  • Destroy some of the large shields, but leave at least one.
  • Get hull below 75% (I usually aim for 60%), and keep peppering the target to keep shields above 1%, but below 25%. This causes crew to bail, and is a slow but reliable way to reduce boarding resistance.
  • When enough veteran marines have bailed that you are confident you will have an easy fight, tell your ship with marines to start boarding op.
  • Turn off the turrets of AI controlled ships to prevent them from damaging the hull and potentially destroying the target.
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