X4: Foundations – Tips to Make Money (Early Game)

Early Money Tips


Can get a bunch of laser towers and a fighter and go to a pirate sector and capture a pirate destroyer? Use the laser towers to defeat the destroyers shields. Could also capture another ship in a pirate sector. Can capture m ships in a s ship.

Picking up loot from friendly faction ship battles is easy money.

Get about 30-50 laser towers and a s ship then blockade a xenon sector gate and set the s ship to repeat orders and collect the drops. Then watch out of sector. Can set up many gates and make a lot of credits selling stuff.

Terrain Cadet / Xenon

For Terran Cadet, Play storyline till Getsu Fune, where lot of xenon drop loots, even spacefly, then craft, sell to trader, stop at Defenders of Sol, where before she tell you to spy on Segaris Pioneers, Explorer whole Terran and Segaris, make sure all station you know, then exam on station that need mine/gas, get miner for normal and gas to fill that need, that is work for me in early of game. Lightly outfit on miner, you might not even need gun on it, but only for terran zone.

Split Fires of Defeat? I did played once, it’s same as most gamestart, go to argon space, Second Contart flashback, and find crytab mining and sell, but they had been nerfed, so I don’t know what is best to do that from there, but I knew what to do in Terran Cadet, I love that gamestart!

Don’t worry about Xenon, just keep close to friendly allied (Terran always spent fleet when you doing Terran Cadet mission) while search and loot it leftover from battle Terran Fleet destroy Xenon fleet.

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