Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – How and Where to Scrap Vehicles

Scrap Vehicles Tips

  • You can build a small scrap yard.
  • They will take them apart to get back some resources.
  • To be seen at the left here:

When you click the scrap yard building when its build, then there is a small box you can click in that make the scrap yard store and recycle resources such as steel.

Then you can pickup the resources at the scrap yard and drive these resouces to your storage buildings and use the resources to build new things with (or sell at the border).

Also in left side of the screen there is a feature that have something to do with auto replacement of vehicles. So when a vehicle is worn down by 80% it will be recycled or when it become example 20 years old it is send automatic to your scrap yard.

The big scrapyard allow you to also connect a rail line and scrap your trains.

Maybe consider to build big garbage containers and put them outside the scrap yard.

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