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Tips to Collect Waste

My waste-collection setup is this:

  1. Garbage stands collected via TS.
  2. Waste collection yard on city border with 1×30 containers for mixed waste and 1×30 containers for all other wastes (6x bio, 6x construction, 6x metal, 6x hazardous, 3x plastic and 3x aluminum). Here it is delivered by TS trucks, as they do not drive full most of the time.
  3. Do that picks up and delivers FULL containers to its source (customs, recycling facility, farms, separation plant, incinerator/waste to power, …).

Waste collection yard is great for you to see how much of waste you get and also serves as a buffer when something fails.

Won´t save for eternity, as when that thing fills entirely, it backlogs the city with trash as well and people start dying fast due to pollution, but at least there is a quick fix, as you rearrange target points for the do from de-funcing facility for a moment and TS are going immediately to save the city from even more harm.

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