Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War – Adeptus Mechanicus Tips (Early Game)

Tips for Adeptus Mechanicus

Normal difficulty

  • Level 1 research = 7 turns X 2 = 14
  • Level 2 = 10 turns
  • So in total 24 turns until you have have the hab fane (more people)
  • Acquiere tile = 2 turns
  • Infantry building = 6 turns
  • Ore/electric /research = 4 turns

Basic build

  • Build infantry building first = 6 turns
  • Acquiere tile = turn 8
  • Build ore = turn 12
  • Acquire tile = turn 14
  • Build food = turn 18
  • Acquire tile = turn 20
  • Build electrick = turn 24

As adeptus mechanicus you get bonuses if you build all the same buildings on a tile.

So my tip is to acquire tiles for each different building.

Also do not be afraid to build like 3 fabs in 1 go thy do not requiere population.

Or as first building drop a research building down.

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