Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic – How to Reduce Crime Rate

How to Reduce Crime Rate

Hints are:

  • Take a look if people are getting their needs and food.
  • Do more police stations.
  • Cancel some small crimes investigations.
  • Search for a bottleneck (inneficient courthouse, for example).

There’s a thing about how the police investigates and how courts deal with cases because they start filling a metter to get it done, but there’s a time limit or something for them to do so. Having too many cases assigned make them inneficient. You either cancel some, or you build more police stations. I use mods for small police stations, like a stationary police post or something. If not, your police is always working, but never solving any crime.

1 police station for 10k pop is enough if you have good cops, without bad orphanage and bad prison.

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