Disney Speedstorm – Racer Tier List

Tier List to Racers

Goated Tier

  • The Beast (with exploits)
  • Beth Swann
  • Belle
  • Meg
  • Mickey

These guys will make styling on either AI or players easy. They had incredibly broken mechanics, allowing them to fly through the air multiple screens ahead or just had really good stats and strong uniques.

Top Tier

  • Mulan
  • Captain Jack Sparrow

These guys are solid all around but had nothing really broken about them.

Good Tier

  • Donald
  • Herc

These guys felt a lil’ above average with some bigger upsides like strong unqiues.

Mid Tier

  • Mowgli
  • “Be a Man” dude

These guys had something going for them but in general felt unremarkable.

Trash Tier

  • The Beast (without exploits)

This guy will make you work harder for the same results, or even worse or has feast or famine gameplay instead of being consistently good.

Actively Wanna Lose Tier

  • Baloo

This guy makes other racers win instead of himself with a crappy unique and has bad stats overall.

Why is this a thing I’m so disappoint it came before something like Captain Hook tier:

  • Figment

Important note: This info takes from beta and after release some points may changes.

New and I don’t know them tier:

  • All of Monster Inc.
  • Whatever I forgot already.
  • Goofy.
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