Mass Effect Legendary Edition – What to Purchase (Mass Effect 2)

At the begin of the game (specially if you have the bonus money from import ME1 game file), what is worth to purchase?

Purchasing Tips for ME2

Shoppings sell, generally 4 kinds of items, Weapons, Armor, upgrades and variables.

My advice: avoid purchasing upgrades at the begin, as they’re extremely expensive (goes from 25.000 to 100.000 each). Weapons should be purchase as soon as possible and armor is entirely optional.

About variables, they’re normally fishes and sculptures of ships, the first i advice to not buy until you advance your banters with the Kelly miss in your ship, the later you can purchase at any time.

Most important is what helps your class and playstyle. Focus on biotic upgrades if you’re a biotic, etc.

After that, you need to purchase the armor, shield, weapon and engine upgrades for the Normandy. The first three are gotten by speaking to Jacob, Tali and Garrus, respectively. The fourth is a request from Ken and Gabby in engineering to buy the couplings from Omega.

Weapons are entirely dependent on if you’re gonna use it. For example, I almost exclusively use the Mattock Rifle, Kassa Locust (Kasumi Loyalty Quest in museum) and Black Widow (Collector Ship pickup).

At higher difficulties, you should certainly focus on survivability upgrades. Shields and armor, etc.

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