Victoria 3 – Private vs Public Schools

Private vs Public Schools

Wealth level means standard of living.

Public schools give a flat 10% per level while private gives 0.5%

This means that a wealth level of 20 will give 10% Education access that same as public schools, and anything above it will give 0.5% more with each level.

At the start depending on nation you will get for upper class for 25 living standard 12.5% bonus, middle at 20, 10% bonus on pair with public and lower at 12, a 6% bonus lower.

This means private schools has higher potential and more beneficial mid to late game while public is probably better if you have more poor people and there standard of living is lower then 20.

Public schools gives +25 % Assimilation. So if you have Migration, then they change they’s culture to your’s country culture more easily.

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