Victoria 3 – How to Form the Scandinavian Nation

This guide will show you some useful tips to form the Scandinavian nation with start in Sweden.

Guide to Form the Scandinavian Nation

You need 11 states out of 15:

  • 5 Sweden
  • 3 Norway
  • 2 Denmark
  • 1 Iceland (DEN)
  • 1 Schleswig-Holstein (Schleswig, Holstein, Lübeck)
  • 3 Finland (RUS)

Unless you own Schleswig-Holstein, only Schleswig will become part of Scandinavia. Split states don’t count.

Finland may try to become independent at some point but without a stronger helping hand they are doomed like any wanna be free state.

If you can go for Schleswig-Holstein before Prussia takes care of Lübeck.

Day 1 war against Denmark gives you the advantage of your bigger forces. Others may or may not interfere. If so check possible sway actions.

Make big friends and get rid of your infamy.

Keep an eye on your population. You need hands to dig.

To form Scandinavia you’ll need more time than just a few quick wars – check your journal and society tech. But securing your position on European mainland asap makes your campaign much easier.

Let Denmark live apart from Denmark, and they will colonize for you, while you still have no idea what colonists even are – you can’t do everything at once. When the time of unification comes, you will reap what they have sown.

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