Victoria 3 – How to Get Industrialist?

Playing and have 0 at start and supporting them does nothing, still got 0. How to get?

How to Get Industrialist

Build industry that hires capitalists and other industrialist leaning pops (eg engineers). These pops have a much higer chance to join industrialists which will boost their power. In one of the tooltips it says which pops prefer which groups.

Remmeber: Labourer pops from mines don’t count (they prefer worker unions iirc), but the capitalists that the mines hire will. Just make sure the upper management of your building are using capitalists rather than shopkeepers (petite bourgoise) or aristocrats (landowners). This can be easily changed by the ‘ownership’ setting (change it to ‘privately owned’)

Also try to limit subsistence farming to take power from the landowners who compete with the industrialists for most upper management positions.

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