Victoria 3 – Assigning Army Units

Generals are limited to 3/3 units in their armies despite having a larger command limit per their ranks, and you can’t seem to figure how to assign units specifically from barracks to generals either…

How to Assign Units

Not sure if you can change the borders of ‘HQ Regions’ or if they’re automatic, but your generals will only ever be assigned units from the HQ Region you raise them as, so to increase their no. of battalions you need to build and upgrade barracks in those regions, and have a general with a promotion cap that can lead that many (tho it seems even 1 star can lead 20 units)

Playing as the states, only in the year 1860, I have an army of about ~40 battallions now and we’ve only really warred with Mexico on the frontier. Basically solely built barracks in the north east, mid west, and western frontiers which are 3 different HQs with the midwest being my biggest army with 14 units. Lol i hadn’t developed the south at all because I expected an American Civil War event but instead banned slavery by 1849 so I probably could have developed down there too :p

Then I think if it were the case to that you had an HQ region with more than 20 units and hadn’t promoted a general to lead more units, you could raise another general from that HQ region to make up the difference, or you could promote the one already leading to see if he would take on the extras.

Unfortunately I don’t think you can assign garrison units from other HQ regions to already raised units, you have to raise a separate general even if it’s only for an army of one or two. While warring with mexico on the frontier, I basically built and slowly upgraded two barracks in Montana and Wyoming to have a little army to defend the front at Utah where it bordered Mexico.

One thing I DID notice being allied with France, and I’m guessing it will change, but you can definitely cheese wars just by being allied to a great power. France was fighting a war in Dai Nam / Indochina and still sent units to my fronts in Utah and Texas when I used the ‘reclaim state’ play and I feel like I could have not even mobilized my armies and still won, lol.

I think it felt slow starting off because America only starts with 30 Construction or something like that but I built sectors as I developed and now have capacity for over 60, which can construct like 4 barracks at once so now my army is slowly catching up to the capacity of Europeans but the arms and ammunition industries can’t keep up

Also noticed the manifest destiny mission is kind of bugged right now – If you want to claim the Mexican West, use the conquer state diplomatic play and add all the others as war goals and fight a war over it.

If you use Manifest Destiny from the journal, the diplomatic play on the western states becomes ‘return territory’ or what not. You can still add the others as war goals, but because Mexico keeps backing down from the play, I only get the one territory I want returned and none of the added wargoals, PLUS you get a truce cooldown until you can do it again. Lol I have California and New Mexico and Arizona but they still have Nevada and Utah…and at this rate it’ll be 1870 until it’s united, but I wonder if I could just used a conquer state one on a mexican core state and add the others as war goals, maybe they’re less likely to back down from an invasion of an actual core?

I dunno. War system definitely needs work as does some of the missions related to cassus belli like Manifest Destiny cuz right now she’s a bit borked.

Also don’t really know how to get people in your market like you could with sphere of power in Vic 2. I Wanna invade Haiti and the Central American states like a true imperialist.

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