Victoria 3 – How to Form Germany

Guide to Form Germany

Under “journal” you got an event for it at the start.

First you need to make the “northern Germany”. You need 10 reagions from Germany under controll (annex or let them join your state) (not sure how it is called in eng, since I play in german).

Then you need the tech “pan-Nationalism”. It will creat the next “journal event” to creat Germany. Where you need 17 reagions under your controll.

Each event triggers the Ai to want to join your “tax union”. For that to help the AI you need to have good relations with them. After a while in your “tax union” and good Relation, they ask if they can join your nation, so you can annex them.

After you got most the smaller nations, the Bigger ones like Soutch germany states and Austria are the only ones left mostly.

If that happens and you coudn’t get Holstein you can start the “german unification war” under “population” at the 2. TAB. There you will have a Big war with Austria for the right to unification. Alle the states left that support you, will join u, all the nations that support Austria will join Austria in the war.

The looser looses the right to unify germany.

If you win you can creat at the same TAB in “Population” Germany, with all the states you got in your nation

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