Victoria 3 – Infinite Money Guide (Totally Legal)

How to Make Infinite Money


You, as your nation’s head of state, will convince nations to invest in your nation, with the promise of big return after er certain amount of time, you can also promise them to use the money to build stuff they would benefit from importing, and setting up a trade agreement to really set the deal in stone.

When you have gotten the first series of investors, you contact more nations with money that would fit better in your pocket, and when they give you money, you simply hand that money to the first set of investors (make sure to take an unreasonably high cut for yourself, can’t be going broke, am i right?), this means that the next set of investors will see the returns the first set got, and will obviously want in.

You can keep repeating this cycle as many times as you want, you just gotta make sure you get more money every time new investors jump aboard.

There is however one issue with this economic theory, if you ever stop getting investors, you are as the experts in the industry called “Royally fucked”. Many people fear this result and the many ways to get there, and therefore don’t take the risk, this is a good thing for you smart person, as this means more investors and money for you.

Some people (fanatics or smth) call this a ponzi scheme, this is obviously fake, they are just jealous of all your money. I instead call it a… uhm… Bonsi strategy, this is totally different from a Ponzi scheme, and people who call it a ponzi scheme are just bad at the game, and mad that you are better, so don’t listen to them.

So in conclusion, if you just keep getting investors, and make sure nobody realizes how people are getting paid, you are good and basically have an infinite money glitch in the game. Make sure to take a massive cut for yourself, to build your military up… in case they find out, if you don’t build your military, I know a great airline that will take you to Argentina for cheap.

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