Infection Free Zone – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Hard work: if it is not for you, there are always cheat codes and console commands. We will show you some cheats for the Infection Free Zone that will make the game easier and / or more fun!

In this guide, I’ll show you how to use the console to spawn vehicles, weapons, resources, and workers in your base.

How to Enable Console

  • Press [~] Tilde Key to make the debug menu appear.
  • Press the [?] Symbol on the bottom right of the menu.
  • Click on [Enable Cheats].

    All Console Commands (Cheats)

    Please note, this is important! After entering the console command, remember to close the chat before clicking on the building.

    Building Cheats

    • AdaptBuilding: Switches buildings between shelter and cookhouse.
    • CreateFarmLand: Makes Crop Fields.
    • CreateGate: Instantly constructs Gates.
    • CreateWall: Instantly builds Walls.

    Events Cheats

    • CompleteActiveMissions: Finishes all active missions.
    • EndMission: Ends a mission.
    • StartAction: Initiates an action.
    • StartEvent: Kicks off an event.
    • StartMission: Starts a mission.
    • StartTransmission: Launches an incoming transmission.

    Add Cheats

    • AddEventToPool: Adds an event to… somewhere?
    • AddMoodModifier: Boosts mood.
    • AddResearchProgressPoints: Gives research points.
    • AddResourcesToBuilding: Pumps resources into a building.
    • AddResourcesToHq: Same as above, but for the HQ.
    • AddScientificMaterials: Hands out research books.
    • AddWorkersToHq: Throws workers into the main HQ.

    Clear Cheats

    • ClearNavData: Maybe for pathfinding?
    • ClearStockrooms: Clears all storage items.

    Power Cheats

    • ScavengeAllBuildings: Scans all buildings for items.
    • SetDay: Changes the day.
    • SetHour: Alters the time.
    • SetSoldierHp: Adjusts soldier health.
    • ShowAllGroups: Displays all squads.
    • ShowAllVehicles: Reveals all vehicles.
    • StartWeatherFog: Summons fog.
    • UnlockContent: Unlocks various game content.
    • UnlockResearchType: Opens up research options.

    Spawning Cheats

    • CreateResourceCursor: Drops resources where you click.
    • SetSpawnPointVisualizationState: No clue.
    • SpawnBigSquadAtCursor: Deploys a big squad.
    • SpawnGroupAtCursor: Pops out NPC groups.
    • SpawnGroupInBuilding: Same as above, but inside buildings.
    • SpawnImmigrants: Brings in immigrants.
    • SpawnImmigrantsAccept: More immigrants, but accepted.
    • SpawnRandomSquad: Summons a random squad.
    • SpawnSquadAt: Drops a squad at specified coordinates.
    • SpawnSquadAtCursor: Places a squad where you click.
    • SpawnSquadAtLatLon: Places a squad at specified coordinates.
    • SpawnVehicle: Summons vehicles.

    Remove Cheats

    • DestroyResourceCursor: Deletes dropped items.
    • KillAllGroups: Takes out all groups.
    • KillWorker: Randomly off a worker.
    • RemoveMoodModifier: Removes mood boosts.
    • RemoveResourcesFromHq: Takes resources from the HQ.

    Debug Cheats

    • ChangeLanguage: Changes the language.
    • HideFPS: Hides the FPS counter.
    • SaveGame: Saves the game.
    • SetFpsLimit: Caps the FPS.
    • SetResolution: Adjusts the resolution.
    • SetTimeSpeed: Speeds up or slows down time.
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