AFK Journey – Hero Focus Guide

Hero Focus Guide

A hero gets their hero focus when you ascend them from legendary to legendary+ using Acorns and their Soul Sigils (i.e. duplicates).

If you are a newbie, review the Ultimate F2P Guide here.

Here’s how many Acorns and Soul Sigils a hero needs to get to legendary+ depending on their type/rarity after you’ve obtained them:

Total Acorns Required (Legendary+)

  • A-Level Hero = 21 Soul Sigils
  • S-Level Hero = 4 Soul Sigils + 50 Faction.
  • Celestial / Hypogean Hero = 3 Soul Sigils

Leveling up hero focus increases the Basic Stats it provides and improves the effects of their Skill at level 1, level 2, level 3.

To level up a hero’s EX Weapon, you need the following material: Tidal Essence.

You need total 30 Tidal Essence to max a hero’s Hero focus.

You can get these hero focus upgrade materials mainly by purchasing them from Guild store (You can get 40 Tidal Essence total in a day), participating in Dream Realm battles, and from Legend Trial.

Best Hero Focus to Level Up First in AFK Journey

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Leveling up your hero focus is good way to get more power and new skill. It’s only cost 30 Tidal Essence to max a hero essence so why not do it. You can get tidal essence very easily Too.

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