Definitely Not Fried Chicken – How Does the Cop’s Bribe Work

Cop’s Bribe Work Explained

From my experience, the 1k bribe is just for the first bribe. Starting from the second one, it depends. Again, these are all based on my experience with the game.

I don’t know for sure the details or is it just randomness for some of the factors I’m going to mention.

Factors that increase the bribe

  1. If you pay a bribe, the chief will ask for more the next time he asks for money. A nice touch IMO. If I can get away with this amount, why not ask for more next time.
  2. There seems to be a “progress” check for the base bribe as I noticed that usually the chief asks for at least 3k, but now he is asking for 4k at least. Not sure what the game checks to determine this base bribe though.

Factors that reset the bribe

  1. Getting destroyed by one of the police raids.

The one thing I’m not sure is when you decide to kill the cops. Killing the cops can raise the bribe a bit, but way less than paying the chief straight.

But sometimes it also prevents the bribe from increasing. If you don’t want to pay most of your profit to the chief, I think it’s best to just kill the cops. You do have to worry about the severity of the raid though as every time you repel a raid, the next one will be stronger.

Tips for dealing with raid

Just make it so your factory has only one entrance. Make it like a snake with a width of 2 and put bear traps in front of shotgun traps all along the way (new hires will need sneakers to avoid triggering traps).

You can equip sneakers on your cleaner and engineer so they can maintain the kill box. 4-6 shotgun/bear trap combos won’t be enough though.

Some times a few cops managed to run through a few traps which is why you need plenty to make sure they go down at some point. Don’t bother with hiring guards, they won’t win against an army of cops.

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