Tiny Rogues – Tips for Close Combat

Close Combat Tips

The 1st strat is to tank the heck out of it. Like, a Paladin can afford to take a bunch of hits consistently if they have armor/block that is regenerating constantly, especially if they buy armor repair items at the tavern or start with the refilling armor repair gift. Priests literally have a free revive every floor, which only does anything if you’re letting yourself die, so take advantage of it and play riskier. This is why there’s gear like a ring with +3 armor that weighs 30, a strength melee character can stack huge amounts of armor/block/HP/revives/death defy/ect and then just tank hits and let their big damage win.

The 2nd strat is to use dodges. If you get in, attack, and get out, you don’t take damage. Depending on how many dodges you stack up you can use them as an emergency get out card, or use them both to get close and then to get out. For this strategy you typically want bonus invincibility on dodges if you can get it, or at least lots of dodges.

The 3rd strat is to just get OP. If you kill boss phases in 3 melee hits, you won’t be dying to them.

There are a bunch of other options of varying usage, like abilities that let all bow damage count as close ranged damage, if you just want to use the synergy items for close ranged without actually getting in close.

All bosses have predictable patterns. For instance, Amon’s pentagram attack is by far the easiest to dodge by being inside the central pentagon practically hugging him, to say nothing of the gaps between attacks where everything from Death onwards just stands in the center of the room bantering for a full second or more.

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