Ancient Cities – Farming Tips

Tips for Farming

If you are playing Slow game speed mode, then you can manage 900 cells with 12-14 people, so if you have 72 people you can do 1 full farmers group of 56 to cover 900 x 3 or so farms = 2700 cells.

I do not recommend only 1 type of crop as it means all farmers will be busy same time instead of starting with 14 doing a maxed out wheat farm from January, followed by beets in feb, flax in march, and peas last.

I would have 1 farmer group with 26 members doing 1 maxed out wheat farm and 1 maxed out pea farm.

Then 1 farmer group with 26 members doing 1 maxed out beet farm and 1 flax farm if I have livestock to feed the excess grains to and in need of extra plant fibre. Otherwise I would do 2 beets or 2 peas.

If you have wheat only you need to also have threshers and baking industry to accommodate the amounts incoming.

Your tribe will hate to eat the grains so avoid that at all costs, even in Beginners they go grumpy if they have to eat any grains.

If you play Fast mode you need around 30 per maxed out farm, and on Normal speed mode you will need app 20-ish.

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