American Truck Simulator – New Players Tips

Tips for Beginners

In general, this game rewards patience and punishes impatience. Watch the AI traffic, learn their habits and tendencies and adapt. Everything else will come with time. Have fun and welcome to the game.

Taking loans is one way of getting money relatively quickly, another option would be just do quick jobs at the start, work up a few levels and save up some cash , buy first truck and just go from there. One thing you may want to prioritize while levelling up early, would be long distance skill (since exp gained relies mostly on distance driven during a job).

Most important tip I can think of is this: Do not upgrade your HQ. Buy a brand new garage in another city first.

The reason is simple: It costs the same amount of money to upgrade your HQ as it does to buy a new garage, however if you buy new you will get three new slots to hire drivers to work for you, whereas if you upgrade your HQ, you take up one of the three slots so you are paying the same amount of money for less potential return.

Start out by buying other garages, until you get to the point where you have three or four small garages (9-12 drivers) working smoothly. This should bring in enough money to pay for your fuel and maintenance costs (provided you don’t write off your truck every time you go out), taking off the pressure of having to take a job and allowing you more freedom to just drive where you wish and explore.

Double that number of garages (18-24 drivers) and you’ll be getting to the stage where you’re bringing in 150k a day. At this point, where money is much less of an object, is where I would start thinking about upgrading all your garages, including your HQ.

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