Secrets of Grindea – End Game Boss Tips

How to Beat Endgame Boss

You don’t need to grind levels, if you have the ability to fight Zhamla it means that you’re an appropriate level purely due to having grinded the cards.

Zhamla is only OP if you’re on Hard Mode. If you’re not on Hard Mode and still struggling, the easiest thing you can do to turn the tide in your favor is:

  • Cast Barrier ever 20 seconds.
  • Drink your health potion at every opportunity. Because potions recharge individually, only drinking your health potion means your health potion will recharge much more quickly. A Barrier into a Health Potion will let you drink safely, if you can’t find a safe spot.
  • Put 5 points into the Lady Luck talent, raising your damage dodge chance to 12%.
  • Put 3 points into Fine Taste talent, giving your health potions 36% more HP.
  • Put 5 points into Alchemist talent, making your health potions recharge 25% faster.
  • Removing all ‘Cursed’ gear (gear that lowers your defense).
  • Use either the Crab Shield for more defense, or the Special ‘Unbreakable’ Shield from Tai Ming.

If you are on Hard Mode, disregard all of that. Hard Mode Zhamla is designed to be the ultimate challenge for the most extreme players. There is no special reward for completing this on Hard Mode, it’s purely for the challenge. He is balanced around the assumption that you have a carefully constructed build, that you’re extremely skilled with it, and the knowledge that you cannot heal.

By playing Hard Mode against Zhamla you have indicated that you are openly inviting the developers to throw everything and the kitchen sink at you. If you want to have a fun time against Zhamla in a much more manageable way, just switch your game difficulty to Normal.

Either way, it’s not terribly kind call the developers a-holes in a review because you took on a completely optional challenge with no reward attached to it.

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