The Long Dark – Interloper Tea Tips

Tips for Interloper Tea

  • Make sure to grab all the Reishi Mushrooms you find. Rose Hips also, but you only need 2 Reishi Mushrooms to make One Tea.
  • Tea is so important for the first 5+ In-Game days its ridiculous how much it can help.
  • Brew as much as you can make (one great thing to do while water boils is turn the mushrooms/hips into Prepared Ingredients) because this is a great source of “Warming Up”.
  • Since the game starts you with one can, you can make the Teas on Day 1 and since your clothing is really limited, this can give you so SO much more time to get between places without Frostbite or Hypothermia.
  • Also the Tea is worth 100 Calories and every little bit helps. Lastly, once its brewed you don’t need to use the Can to warm it up.
  • Any Fire with 2 or more spots, you can warm your tea while cooking or boiling water since the game puts it in a little red cup for you (same for all brewed beverages).
  • Oh and carry lots of torches. You can light a Torch with a discarded Torch that’s still burning on the ground.
  • I’ve been able to keep a “fire” going that way across an entire zone to use the torch to light a fire in the next zone since I had zero matches.
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