The Long Dark – Where to Find Aviator Cap

Tips to Find Aviator Cap Location

Oddly enough, the most common place I find Aviator Caps are in cars or car trunks in DP, MT, and CH.

Also in or near the crashed small planes in ML or CH. It’s kinda random where they show up.

Camp Office once, I think? I can’t remember ever finding on in Transfer Pass or FA, and I haven’t been doing much checking of the new Prepper’s Caches (though I probably should).

It’s kind of random where they show up at, and they are far more common on Pilgrim, a little less common on Voyageur, and far less common on Stalker in my runs, but RNG has always trolled me in this game.

Only one I took a screenshot of:

Found in the trunk of the car next to the Hibernia Guard shack- DP. Odd place, but I’ll take it.

And this was a vanilla Stalker run.

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