The Long Dark – Beginners Tips

Newcomers Tips and Tricks

  • The story is nice to learn the game mechanics.
  • You loose a little condition if your hunger is at 0 (1% per hour)
  • Same for fatigue, you lose 1% per hour if it reach 0.
  • Your thirst meter makes you lose 2% per hour if it reachs 0 so watch out for this one a little more.
  • And finally your warmth meter make you lose 20% per hour if it reach 0, and even 40% if you get hypotermia. So the cold is more likely to kill you.

If you got attacked by a wolf, you may have a blood loss condition and you lose condition even more quickly 30% per hour. Be sure to use a bandage if you have that.

  • Your health should not deplete without reason just because you loot. you’re supposed to.
  • There are other negative afflictions in the game you can get if you drink unsafe water without boiling it, or eat raw meat without cooking it, so check in the UI if you have something triggering your health loss.
  • A very important hint I would give is to not hoard too many things.
  • In the story mode you’ll eventually be directed to a house, use it to store your items there and don’t travel with too much stuff in order to travel light, be faster and be able to bring back more stuff for the objectives.

Against wolves you can use torches: when you light your first fire you can pick up torches from it and extinguish them right away. If you keep a good torch on you you can light it up when you encounter a wolf. Switch to a rock (or any weapon) will make you drop the torch and aiming at a wolf with the torch (or flare) lit at your feet will make the wolf flee.

I hope this help.

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