Lethal Company – Basic Tips

Tips to Basics

You can buy flashlight and I believe a shovel from the start but if you’re playing alone I recommend you get the shovel unless you’re scared of the dark in which get a flashlight but you’ll be very vulnerable to monsters.

You can avoid a lot of monsters by sitting on top of railing and hitting them w/the shovel until they die but there are some who are unkillable like the blob and the bracken.

If you meet quota don’t spent it all on stupid things unless you have enough to actually spend that much scrap.

If you find scrap early in the run put it outside to get it quicker and items can be dropped from heights to make it even faster for you.

Dogs (the blind red monsters) come out at 6pm and you have to stay crouched and cannot speak at all.

The giant can see you and hear you from across the map as well. In harder maps they’ll both be out with harder monsters obv.

In game if you go to the computer theres an in game dictionary about the monsters to learn more about them.

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