The Last Starship – Praxis (Ship Guide)


The Praxis is one of the pre-built ships available for the player to start the game with, and unlike other pre-built Vessels, it includes the equipment, resources and crew necessary to start the Journey. It features three main spaces, and it’s docking port is on the right. This vessel is relatively small and simplistic compared to other pre-builts, nevertheless it provides an excellent starting point for any new player.

The Praxis as is presented to the player at the start of the game.

Included in Inventory

The Praxis comes bundled with the following equipment, which is all that is necessary for the ship to operate properly:

  • 1 Generator
  • 1 FTL Drive
  • 2 Engines
  • 2 Unloaders
  • 1 Airduct

In addition, The Praxis also comes with the following supplies, enough to kick-start the player’s journey without much trouble:

  • 4 Fuel Canisters (4000 Units)
  • 7 FTL Charges
  • 3 Oxygen Canisters (3000 Units)
  • 2 Food Boxes (200 Units)
  • 1 Water Canister (1000 Units)
  • 5 Crew members are pre-hired to operate the ship as well.

General structure and engineering observations

The Praxis is a vessel that is designed to help the player along. It’s two distinctive “Legs” are obvious spaces in which the engines may be placed, and the space immediately adjacent to them is just wide enough to fit another two engines. The “Walkway” that runs down the entire length of the ship, may be used as a reference to maintain symmetry when building hull extensions and installing equipment or weapons, and may also serve as a “main energy bus” of sorts, for if the player runs cable down the entire walkway, they will be able to easily manage all electrical connections without much trouble. The “Neck” of the ship (the corridor that connects the bow and the center section), also serves as an easy spot in which to place hyperspace sensors, drone bays, thrusters and other such equipment that can only be placed in walls. To a lesser extent, the same can be said of the front section of the vessel and the starboard and port walls of the “Engineering section”.

The Praxis is also laid out in such a way as to make main deck expansions towards aft and fore extremely easy, provided the engines were installed in the “Legs”.

Another thing the player must take into account is that the Praxis comes with a very small habitation deck as standard, having only 8 slots, of which 5 are occupied from the first moment by the crew. Expansion of the habitation deck is needed if the player wishes to make passenger runs.

The Praxis has no armor whatsoever.

As illustrated in the image above, the Praxis has only 8 slots as standard, courtesy of a small habitation deck.

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