Returnal – Useful Tips

Gameplay Tips

The enemies in the first area aim for where you will be if you continue at your current trajectory and speed. Don’t be predictable.

Turn on auto-sprint. There is absolutely no reason not to be moving at top speed at all times. This is not a cover shooter and you need to be able to keep shifting, fast.

Auto-aim is aggressive for a reason, the enemies throw out a hell of a lot of bullets and you need to be spending as much time watching for cues and patterns as you are where you’re pointing your gun. I have no idea how that’s going to translate across with K+M, but really, skill-shots are not really all that big a thing in this.

The game expects you to be aggressive. The currency dropped by enemies fades quickly so you can’t snipe from across the map and still make cash for upgrades. It’s hard in the beginning to not get killed doing this, but once you learn patterns you can mix it up like crazy.

Health drops in two types – Actual Health Pickups and Resin. The Health Pickups restore lost bar, but 3x Resin increase your health. The trick here is that if you’re at max health, ALL health pickups are Resin. Returnal is a Win More game, you get buffs, bonuses and more health if you don’t get hit, and lose it all the moment you do.

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