The Last Starship – Propulsion Guide (Engines, Thrusters, FTL)


Propulsion is provided by three main pieces of equipment.

  • Primary propulsion is provided by one or more engines
  • Secondary propulsion (maneuvering) is provided by thrusters
  • FTL propulsion is provided by the FTL drive and is not recorded in the debug menu

Below are some metrics for each form of propulsion using a ship with the bare minimum equipment and weight to propel it.

Propulsion EquipmentMax ThrustTest Ship MassSpeedSpeed / Mass Ratio
FTL Drive

As of Alpha 1A, the debug menu is no longer accessible. The only metrics available are velocity and evasion. Using the same ship as above, the following can be calculated:

  • Engine: 269 velocity 269% evasion
  • Thruster: 51 velocity

It’s worth noting that the evasion value does increase when making turns

Tin Can Ship

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