Terraria – How to Beat the Celestial Pillar’s

Celestial Pillar’s Tips

For the Stardust Pillar you can cheese it by luring some stardust cells away from the pillar to then kill them, let them grow again and repeat until they don’t give more red particles, or if you’re a man you can just kill all the enemies.

For the Vortex Pillar I don’t really know any strategies, just try to fly over the enemies that try to shoot you and movement is key with the fast proyectiles.

For the Purple one (don’t remember the name) I also don’t have many tips, the same as vortex just hover up the enemies that shoot proyectiles and be aware of the enemies that blind you.

And for the Solar Pillar just make a platform to don’t fly, because if you have the high ground you can just kill the enemies and those like “dragons” won’t spawn if you’re always on the ground, so just use a platform and kill the enemies, some of them can reach you but if you kill them quick enought they won’t.

You can also use weapons like the rainbow gun or the “Rain” rod to do constant damage to the pillar, that way you can even beat him all the way to the other side of the map! Useful if you want to prepare to the Moonlord with more than 1 minute.

Note: Whatever class you’re going for, I would recommend doing that pillar first, that way you have some decent weapons to finish the rest off with.

  • Solar =Warrior
  • Vortex = Ranger
  • Nebula = Mage
  • Stardust = Summoner

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