Terraria – Preparation for Hard-Mode Tips

Hard-Mode Srarter Tips

The “V” will start from the center of the world, with one side being the hallow and the other being corruption.

A very simple farm you can make, which I do almost immediately upon starting a playthrough, is a little volcano looking structure near the spawn point. This makes events like the blood moon, goblin invasion, pirate invasion, eclipse, etc. much easier to deal with.

In the middle of the volcano is a shallow puddle of lava, which will hurt enemies, but also be shallow enough not to destroy coins and other items. Above this you’ll want a box for your character, which I make about the same width as the volcano. Put trap doors on the bottom rather than platforms, that way flying enemies are less prone to flying in.

It’s also helpful to make an arena/farm in the underground jungle (can function as both), since the newer enemies will make it very difficult to so. Here you will fight plantera, and because the spawnrate of enemies is much higher in the jungle, mimics spawn quite often, which drop lots of gold on top of their regular item drops.

Additionally, getting the mining armor is a must pre-hardmode if you have not acquired it already. The glowing mushroom biome or the underground snow biome are good places to farm undead miners.

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