Overwatch 2 – Tank Tips

Tips for Tanking

  1. Accept it’s a thankless job. People at lower ranks especially don’t have a clue what you do. They only know how to complain when they feel you’re not doing it.
  2. Accept that your effectiveness is very influenced by the rest of your team. As an example, some tanks to play to their potential need a lot of healing from their Supports. If your Supports insist on playing Zen/Lucio, then you can’t play options like D.va, Orisa or Rammatra. So you need a wide tank pool, being able to play tanks like Zarya/Sigma, when your team refuses to work with you.
  3. Don’t think you’re tougher or tankier than anyone else. Yes, tanks often have damage mitigation abilities and higher health pools. But they usually also have massive hitboxes. If you just walk into the open and try to take hits, you’ll die as fast as nearly everyone else. Take cover like any other player when you can. You take hits in critical moments to get your team into positions they need to be or do some damage. But never think you’re harder to kill.
  4. Go watch some Youtube videos on what tanks actually do. Concepts like taking space for your team are critical if you want to be a tank that teams appreciate, especially if you climb to ranks where people are aware of such things.

General Tips

Play open queue and arcade modes to practice your characters . Once you know how to use them start playing quick play so you can learn the tank role

In other roles you have someone else to help so you can practice up, but in OW2 it’s really hard to practice tank in games because it’s a very demanding solo role.

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