Terra Invicta – Lord of the Kaiju Achievement Guide

How to Get Lord of the Kaiju Achievement

Spoilers for Lord of the Kaiju!

I just earned this achievement after reading some incomplete information circulating online from people who actually have it, so I am offering this account of my experiences.

I knew the hidden objective to control a megafauna is only available to the Initiative, and I knew the victory conditions and story threads of the Initiative. For background, I have already won the campaign as Resistance, Humanity First, Project Exodus, Servants, and Academy in different patches.

In my ongoing Initiative campaign the alien invasion landed unfortunately in central Europe. I was consolidating the Eurasian Union and had to toss out a few nuclear barrages to keep things under control while the Academy fumbled a partially integrated European Union to the Alien Administration. The invasion armies also navally invaded Morocco, Egypt, and Syria for some reason.

I had control over Pakistan and varying degrees of control over China during the invasions, both of which deployed tactical salvos to save their capitals. The end result was a crippled Initiative Eurasian Union and China liberating much of the European Union, and much later Morocco and Syria, with the Alien Administration and their captured French nukes holding Poland, Egypt, and New Caledonia.

I let the xenoforming incubate much longer than I would have under normal circumstances (had I not been doing this for the achievement). There was a pocket of flora emanating from alien Warsaw, a trapped megafauna on New Caledonia, and a broad swathe of northern Africa, the latter of which would be tended to by my expanding Nigeria.

By the 2050’s the Initiative had researched pherocyte mastery and learned the victory condition. I thought the conditions for kaiju capture were to have pherocyte mastery and a land battle with a megafauna, but this turned out to not be sufficient.

My project list swelled, but I avoided some of the xenoscience projects on the assumption that destroying the xenoforming or killing megafauna faster would make it less likely to trigger the kaiju taming. The piece of information I was lacking led to me attempting other things to trigger the achievement and was the impetus for this accounting.

I finished researching a project I assume is unique to the Initiative, a social project that gives a boost to hostile takeover with a description about pherocytes, but that also isn’t the requirement. It might be a prerequisite to the important project but also might not be. At least some of the xenoscience projects I was intentionally skipping while trying other things were prerequisites to the important project. Before discovering that, I was trying to draw out battles between my armies and megafauna assuming it was a very low percent chance to happen per battle and trying to involve my councilors after giving them mass pherocyte emitters.

There is a required xenoscience project called Megafauna Mastery, and this is the critical information not yet circulating about this achievement. The other projects needed for the main Initiative story, such as Pherocyte Resistance and Pherocyte Mastery and even Enslave the Masters, are not sufficient. Only after researching Megafauna Mastery can Initiative armies turn a megafauna to the Initiative’s side. I imagine in most games the xenoforming will have been cleaned up and the Alien Administration defeated before the Initiative player reaches this project.

Here you can see the megafauna I left alone on New Caledonia for achievement testing, occasionally sending a couple armies to do battle with and then pull back before either is destroyed, is now three. Before I could prepare another round of testing after researching Megafauna Mastery, I earned the achievement from a separate battle with megafauna.

Here you can see the result – a domesticated megafauna. It can even take orders, but it won’t heal. I left it there until the Protectorate eventually stole some control point with an allied army and killed it.

Hopefully this helped someone. The percentage of players with this achievement is among the lowest of the Terra Invicta achievements.

Note: The megafauna mastery project has three prerequisites. It requires pherocyte mastery (which lets you use pherocyte mass emitter and is required for enslave the masters and which itself requires pherocyte resistance). It requires megafauna necropsy (which itself requires biotechnology and was what I was intentionally avoiding for much of this game). It also requires alien flora (which is much further back in the technology tree).

An addendum now that I’ve played more of this game working towards the victory condition and seen more megafauna tamed: the domesticated megafauna can heal if they are in the Alien Administration territory. They’ll attack the region if you don’t have one of your armies there whether that’s friendly or hostile territory. Sending a domesticated megafauna unescorted at an AA region will result in it constantly fighting the local economy and healing up – kind of strange. If you have an army keeping a domesticated megafauna under control while another army controlled by a different faction but not at war comes along, the other faction’s army can kill off your domesticated megafauna while it just sits there and takes it.

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  1. What I figured out due to overtesting it, is low tech and minimal force is the best thing to wrangle them. Otherwise you nuke them too quickly. The longer the battle with it the higher the chance to tame them. But you can kill them before that happens…

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