No Rest for the Wicked – Useful Tips for Struggling

I think the difficulty can be quite frustrating to get used to if you haven’t tried soul-like games before (like me for instance). However after 2~3 hours trying to figure out the mechanism and the control (I’ve always been a mouse + keyboard player, but for Wicked I’m going 100% using a game controller), it’s becoming quite a satisfying experience downing every boss the game has to offer so far.

Tips and Tricks

Some tips and recommendations if you’re struggling:

  1. Put points into stamina for your first few level ups!

This has been very helpful as dodging is more “forgiving” than parry. The more stamina you have, the more dodges you can do after landing few strikes on the enemy.

  1. Pick your preferred weapon stat and stick with it!

I wanted to play a rogue like character (fast hitting with dagger + bow). So after putting enough points in stamina (having 13~15 points in stamina should be plenty to clear the prologue), I went fully in Dex. While the early weapons the max stat you’ll need is 11 even for gears that need dual stats. Having more points in the preferred stat will increase your damage output. Currently there’s no respecing your stats, so better stick to a specific weapon that suits your play style.

  1. Learn each enemy’s pattern!

When you see an enemy that you haven’t encountered before, just dance around a bit to learn their moves. Sometimes I deliberately get hit and get killed by new enemies just to learn more about them. Since repair is free in prologue, so take as much time as you need to learn their moves and familiarize youself with the gameplay / control.

  1. Use food when you know you’re sure to win the fight!

Early game food can be quite scarce. So try to save up on them. Just die and reset the fight when things went south.

Hope these help! Good luck.

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