Terra Invicta – Useful Tips for Jupiter Rush

Jupiter Rush Guide

  • Do note that the travel time there is long enough that you can afford to finish researching mining complexes on the way.
  • I’m not sure you actually need ship classes beyond the smallest ones, initially.
  • Just plan on building lots of dinky missile boats.
  • you obviously do need ships of some kind to put the outpost kit on.
  • Note that you’ll need both the base and the station versions of Fission Pile.
  • Also, it may save you a lot on fuel to make a depot in the asteroid belt along the way.
  • Oh! you’ll need some form of weapon tech. The early missile techs are cheap and almost certainly your best bet.
  • And I assume you’re going to put a mine on the Moon to actually pay for your colony ship (and escort?).
  • Honestly, I’d try and get a mine on Mars too, else building anything at the Jupiter moons will have a 1+ year delay for supplies from Earth – the boost will be affordable if you only have to ship volatiles & Noble metals, but the delay might not be.
  • Mission to Mars is a prerequisite tech anyway, so it doesn’t cost you any research to get a mars base set up along the way.

Here is what you need if your planing on the go to jupiter and defend it with IR destroyers. (This works on brutal with out the platform kit spam strategy).

Stage 1:

Bare Minimum:

  • Any Platform Kit
  • Grid Drive
  • Space Dock
  • Mission To The Astroids

This stage is early with the objective to send out a escort to an astroid close to jupiter

Stage 2:

  • Mission To Jupiter
  • Ir Laser Weapons Tech And Projects
  • Destroyer Ship Tech
  • 4 Spacedocks At Asteroid Base

This stage builds up ships that can actualy fight the aliens and sends them over there docked at a platform where a construction module has to be defended for 180 days

Stage 3:

  • T2 Habs Tech
  • Layered Defense Arrays
  • Nanofactory

This is the stage where u have a construction module up, now you use all your remaining MC to found extra bases. Idealy you wan’t 2-4 bases on different astroids that are T2 and each have 4 Layered defense arrays and a Nanofactory so that the aliens won’t touch them and you can rebuild what ever get’s destroyed.

Once you have done this succesfully, the aliens are certain to have a hard time geting rid of you.

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  1. AI overall seems pretty weird to me in this (started yesterday): only a single human faction placed a hab on Luna, academy and hf placed a platform and an outpost on a inner system asteroid and the aliens haven’t placed any stations in the belt.

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