Terra Invicta – Tips to Take Over the Countries

Useful Agressive Advice

3 basic paths to control a country:

  • Raise support by running support mission and controlling surrounding countries.
  • Destabilize. Then coup or raise support.
  • Take it off someone else. Crackdown and purge.

For Large Countries (with Example)

You need to factor in that the chances to get a successful roll is heavily influenced by the amount of control you hold in nations that surround the owner of the CP you’re targeting.

Taking that into account, in my current campaign I had full control over Russia by the 6th December year 0 playing as the resistance. And that was whilst learning how to achieve it…. next campaign it’ll probably be within the first month or two.

And yes, by design some factions start off significantly stronger in terms of support and ability to influence the world at the start, but as events play out and the narrative changes things shift on the world stage.

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