Terra Invicta – How Policies Work

How Policies Work

I suggest you do unity until your unrest drops below 2. As cohesion can greatly stop unrest.

As every .1 unrest = 1% penalty to development points.

From there you’ll have to decide what you want out of the nation.

Do you want to develop the nation and turn it into a long term power base? Or exploit it for alot of short term gain.

Through since the demo only goes 7 years and you can’t save. Then developing the nation isn’t that great unless its a large pop nation (like 100mil or more) as otherwise its too slow for low gain (through since small nations cost very little upkeep you can just slowly develop a bunch of them).

I don’t suggest you do space program on nations that don’t already have it as it takes a lot of development to get into space, but for countries that already reached space it can be worthwhile to focus on boost.

It would be best to find one of your largest countries and turn them into a military power to defend your other countries against xenoforms or from the other factions.

Spoil can be good if you want to take that money and invest it into another country through you will cripple that nation overtime (through 7 year demo you won’t really cause that much damage).

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