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Economy Guide

Infinite Money Glitch:

if you’re every looking to increase market prices, and at the same time have a very large balance of over several hundred billion dollars, you can do an infinite money glitch so to speak; something I found out in SRU and it works to some extent in SR 2030.

  1. Make sure you are self sufficient in everything. Preferably, to have the best effect, be top 5-top 10 in exporters of the good.
  2. Start stockpiling everything immediately overnight. No exports whatsover, only internal use.
  3. Set economy minister to Inflation Control and Increase Revenue.
  4. Wait as long as you can until your account goes to 10 billion dollars.
  5. Once that has been done, you would’ve stockpiled a large amount of goods and the market price, due to rapid decrease of supply, would’ve increased. Sometimes I would start and Oil would be $95, then in 5 months it would be $130.
  6. Once you reached the 10 billion mark, export everything to the max potential. You’d use the intraday all time high price to sell all your goods, making like a 20%-40% markup.
  7. This works even better if there are wars and you are not looking to do much economically with developments or militarily. Nations get dependent on you in a time of war and all of a sudden you turn the power off. Price skyrockets.
  8. And keep redoing that. Within 2 years you would’ve 4-6X your total current Treasury.

Stable economic minimum production cost:

The resources you see to the left of the Consumer Goods is related directly to the cost of creation of Consumer, Industrial, and Military goods. If you have an abundance of those resources, far higher than economic usage, you’ll see a stable low price for 1) the resource production and 2) the cost of goods for the creation of the Consumer, Industrial, Military goods.

This is a long haul, not overnight success, but you’ll need to focus on allocating time towards expanding each resource tab so it’s above daily consumption.

More output does not lead to lower prices on international market – in most cases:

As the years progress, the AI will create more military-related factories, would more than likely produce more units, expand its economy, and thus would constantly require more goods. Because of this, even if you were to increase output of most of your goods exponentially throughout the next decade, you’ll still see an increase in prices on the international market. I believe this is for two reasons: 1) The AI sees that there is a larger supply to the market – especially if its a consistent flow – so it begins to expand its economy more 2) as mentioned, expansion of unit production, and 3) some nations might be decreasing output due to civil wars and conflicts.

As playing for Russia (I like Russia because of the large territory and abundance of resources), I have increased my oil supply from 5,000,000 to 25,000,000 within a decade, and the price has only increased. Uranium, from 10,000 to 60,000 and international price has doubled.

Debt is good:

Contrary to popular belief, debt is actually good when its used in moderation. When you start the game, you may have a certain debt balance. If you look at the interest, it could be 10 million, or around a few hundred million per day. In global context, not a lot, especially if your trade revenue alone is a few billion.

To properly use debt, you want to have gradual economic expansion. You don’t want to immediately start expanding your economy by building a thousand industrial goods depot. That would just launch you into massive debt, massive balance deficit, and you’ll essentially collapse the economy getting barely anything done within a five year plan.

You want to of course focus on creating a sustainable economy as stated above, but you want to build industrial goods, consumer goods, expansion of oil, etc by building a few facilities at a time. This way, if you do go into debt, it’s little debt, but enough to help you rebound and not give you a multi-week deficit halting production of everything.

Once you actually achieve full economic self sufficiency and are making tons of money, then you can ask your advisor to reduce the debt with bond buying.

Inflation and economic expansion:

After several months of strong economic expansion, take a break. Don’t continue to expand for around a year. Go to your economic minister, click on Inflation Control. If you want to be more aggressive, turn off all the other economic options and just have inflation control and increase revenues. Stop producing units or decrease production substantially. Hold it like that for a year or so. This would help fight inflation fairly quickly and bring it back to the 1-3% sweet spot.

Otherwise, your production would simply get too expensive because of inflation, unit production would get too expensive, and you’ll devalue your currency leading to lower approval rating and quality of life.

What to expand first?:

Depends. Are you a nation with a large oil, coal, and electricity supply? If so, find an empty area in your territory, right click -> military facility -> supply depot. Build 5 supply depots in one hex, then 5 supply depots 3 hexes away. Combine them both via rail, creating multiple rows and columns, and connect it to the main road or railway. After they are built, build 2 full hexes of industrial goods in between them both (assuming you made that area full supply). After it has been done, look at your electricity and oil tab, are they healthy or barely making it? If barely making it, expand those in another area and also preferably increase supply there by setting multiple supply depots.

Supply depots do exactly that, give it more supply, allowing to increase output by 20-80% depending on how many supply depots are build and what the original supply is in the hex.

And essentially repeat. Once you built quite a bit of industrial, move on to Military Goods, then to Consumer Goods.

Again, build it gradually. Don’t turn a 20 year plan into 2 years, you might as well start a new game.

Don’t start wars:

I know what you’re thinking. But trust me, unless you don’t have any resources at all and your neighbor is abundant in what you need, do not expand the border. Simply focus on growing your economy and expanding the resource production. You’ll be much healthier in the long term and you’ll be able to finance an INSANE amount of units long term.

Automate Economic and Resource ministers:

In the prior games, i’d do everything manually, but it seems they improved AI a lot, so I just leave it all automated and I get pretty good results and stability.

Military minister needs to be executed:

You won’t imagine the amount of times I tried to grow and economy, only for the minister of defence to come in and start building some next level expensive units. Stop them from doing this. Have the minister of defence only be control of unit movement and the rest of the functionality, turn off auto production and manually build units.

Focus on building healthy alliances:

Sometimes the AI might try to take it for granted, but most of the time if you have a bunch of good allies, they’ll be requesting to buy goods from you at a higher price than requested. Vise versa for enemies.

Ran out of stuff to mention, need to actually sit down for an hour to think, but if you need some assistance, let me know.

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  1. my simple tip to make allot of money in an easy way.
    From day 1 buy military goods, uranium and lock the minister from selling/purchasing.
    In the start of the game the price is very low compared to later and espeically when there is a war the prices for military good will go up fast.
    BUT do not sell everything since if you have to fight your self then you use an enomrous amout of military goods/ammo your self for a long time maybe even years.
    Ells another good way to make money fast is to buy technology and then sell it to x other nations anget xxx million pr sale. Just remember to not sell it to any country you plan to fight against in the future 😉

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