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How to Steal All of the Things

  • In Brynn, using the Crowbar to lockpick doesn’t register as a violation. This looks like an oversight tbh (not that the rest of the stealing currently isn’t mostly just a pile of exploits). But it works, and what it means is that you can loot the bank safe with ease.
  • I’ll check whether this also means that you can burgle the places in Ossbrook that are being watched by the Trapper or the central buildings at the mill that are always watched by the dog.
  • The prison in Brynn also has loot in it, and it’s right above where the quest giver and the guy in the stocks are. Two arches up, past the arrayed guards, door to the right, next to the wall.
  • Three Towers are cralwing with guards, even moreso that other Brynn maps. Which seems to mean more rolls for guards to search you, which makes moving loot around that specific area is riskier than anywhere else in the game seems to be. And this made me remember why I originally stopped routinely looting the prison – there’s an army of guards between it and anywhere you can stash the loot.
  • The watchman in the prison can’t actually see all the way to the end of the hallway. So if you loot the prison, you just dump the loot at the end of the corridor and have it cool off there.
  • Important Tip: An easy and hugely annoying way to get caught is that if an NPC is on the same floor with you while you fiddle with the loot they will spot you if you try to hot stuff directly out of the container (even with a shift click). The only truly safe way is to ctrl-click or mouse-menu-select-drop it out onto the floor first.
  • Also a Tip: You can sell stolen stuff at any vendor that’s not in a place where you stole the stuff from. So what you can do to launder the hot goods is take it someplace else, as long as the tile doesn’t register as the settlement you stole from, put it into a container and take it out of it, and the game will think you stole it from there.

And this, I think, completes the “how to exploit your way to stealing all the stuff, other than the few things that can’t be interacted with at all”, as long as the crowbar ends up working in other settlements,too.

Pro Tip: When using the crowbar on otherwise watched doors, don’t go in during the day. Reason is that even if people outside “let” you go in without triggering trespassing, the people who are inside will call you out for trespassing if they’re awake. Happened to me in the Mill once, I need to check it out a bit better.

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