Stoneshard – Ranger Tips

Useful Tips for Rangers

As a ranger, you want to use skills and items that help you stay at range.

  • You can use Piercing Shot to shoot through doors, allowing you to always start the fight at a distance.
  • Shouting sometimes can be used to lure enemies too, but be very careful when doing that, it can attract multiple enemies that can overwhelm you.
  • You can use Dash to stay away from the enemies or quickly escape a bad situation.
  • You can bring a Net and immobilize enemies instead of fighting them in melee.
  • Same thing with a Claw trap.
  • Daggers require you to spend skill points before they get good. Without skills, daggers are often times an inferior backup weapon. Don’t use them just because you started with one – there are other weapons. Shield and axe is my favorite.

Here’s some ranger gameplay.

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