Stoneshard – How to Obtain Right Back at You Achievement

This guide will help you to unlock the Right back at you achievement.

Right Back at You Achievement Guide

Load up on bones. Not skulls or rib cages, just regular old bones. Then, head to a spot with Ghouls. Graveyards, contract dungeons, or nests are your best bets. Save your game nearby, ’cause this might take a few tries.

  • Check if the Ghoul you’re facing has the “bone throw” skill. It’s got a 6-turn cooldown. Regular Ghouls usually do the trick.
  • Make sure there are bones on the ground, either where the Ghoul is standing or nearby. If not, drop some yourself. It won’t throw bones without ’em.
  • Whittle down its HP to less than 5%, but don’t kill it outright. Then, get it to a spot where it can hit you from 2 to 4 tiles away. You’ll need some abilities that let you move multiple tiles at once.
  • Lead it over those bone-covered tiles and cross your fingers it throws a bone at you. It’s gotta hit you, even if it doesn’t do any damage.
  • Now it’s your turn! Chuck your own bone and pray it does just enough damage to finish the Ghoul off.

Watch out for these snags:

  • Ghouls like to chow down on corpses, so they’ll heal back up to 100% HP if they can.
  • They’ve got a sneaky healing ability that tops up their HP every 10 turns or so.
  • Watch out for counters—they’re not your buddies in this situation.

If you’re getting frustrated, here are a few extra tips:

  • Have something to squeeze nearby, ’cause this one might make you clench.
  • Give your roomies a heads-up that things might get rowdy. Keep pets and little ones out of the line of fire.
  • And hey, if all else fails, maybe it’s time to make a deal with the RNG gods. A little blood sacrifice never hurt, right?

Stay determined, stay patient, and let’s bag that achievement!

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