30XX – Tips for Lethal Tempo

Lethal Tempo Fighting Tips

Crushing Void is a key! If you’ve beaten Absolution, the power you get from him is a direct counter to Lethal Tempo. Whenever Lethal Tempo does that one attack where it shoots out a wide spread of slow moving gears in a crescent shape, fire off one shot of Crushing Void.

It’ll eat all the gears, become massive enough to fill the whole screen and deal huge damage to all four faces of Lethal Tempo. If you have any augs that boost power strength it’ll end the fight really quickly.

If you don’t like using Crushing Void as-is, you can combine it with Rending Whirl to create a giant tornado that can also hit all four faces at once and deal significant damage.

That’s if you’re playing as Nina of course. If you’re playing as Ace, then I find it’s easiest to start with the face on the bottom, and hop up onto, and down from, the platform in-front of it. From there, stick as close to the right-side wall as possible and you can avoid a lot of the boss’s attacks as you work your way up from bottom to top.

Void Double (Again, from Absolution) is a great Power to have to deal damage quickly since Lethal Tempo can’t avoid it. As an alternative to dealing huge damage, Echo Shell (From Echo Beast) is a great way to protect you from the gears flying at you from above.

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  1. I didn’t test this method too much, but seemed to do well for me so far. Obviously try to damage all 4 about as equally as possible, but make sure the top gear is the last one alive. Then approach it by wall-jumping to the corner behind it and attack it from there. Not only is approaching there easier than using the spinning platforms, but more importantly, it’s much safer, since most attacks only shoot in front of the gear. It does have an attack where it shoots directly at you, so it’s best to have negation pulse as nina or echo shell as ace for when he does that attack, or just be ready to face-tank some hits while bursting it down.

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